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Model Specifications:
Finished Model is approximately 59” long – 30-1/4” high -18- 1/2” wide
A rough and tumble toy for kids to play. With the look of the real thing.

Watch the video on YouTube : https://youtu.be/b7oMXJK_47o

The Wood Toy can be made with – Softwood, Hardwood, MDF, or Plywood. 

PDF Specifications
PDF: - 102 pages: - Full of high quality 3D renders & How to's. For easy build & assembly
Pages format: - A4
Measurements: – inches - Comes with inches -into-mm -conversion-chart
Wood parts quantity: - 44

PDF Content:
1. High quality 3D renders
2. How to's for fun and easy assembly
3. High quality 3D renders orthographic view of all assembly
4. All the parts in the plans come with dimensions in inches.
5. Tools required: Electric hand drill, Scroll saw, bandsaw
The plans all include how-to and high quality 3D renders for assembly fun and easy for a quick build

You can print this plans on your own printer. Use no scaling on print output.

Motorbike Rocking red chopper